At UASys we aim to bring advanced visual perception and environmental awareness to drones. Our industry-leading visual navigation stack running on our aerial robots gives them that extra edge, allowing them to fly fully autonomously indoors and outdoors without relying on external sources like GPS. Our UAVs can navigate in complex, unstructured real-world environemnts, thanks to multiple exteroceptive sensors and advanced visual perception pipeline.
Industrial inspection

With our high resolution mapping system and autonomous inspection planning module, industrial inspection has never been this easy.

Aerial Mapping

Cover large tracts of area in a single flight, with flight times of over 40 minutes with a high-resolution mapping payload. 2D and 3D maps of surveyed area available immediately after landing

Precision Agriculture

Optimize crop yield by analyzing soil profile and vegetation data. Our multispectral payloads and long flight times allow generation of complete NDVI maps for use in precision agriculture.

Package delivery

With long range, visual perception and full 3D environmental awareness, our UAVs can deliver your packages even in complex urban environments.


  • GPS Denied navigation
  • Precision flight control
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • customizable payloads


Our Team

Co-Founder and Technical Lead
Co-Founder and Business Lead
With a some piloting hours up my sleeve, a degree in Aviation Management, an ex Aviation Analyst and working as an aviation traffic management officer, you can say that I have a thing for aviation.

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