UASys at Embedded Linux Conference 2016!


Kabir will be giving a talk on Project Artemis at the Embedded Linux Conference 2016, San Diego, CA! This talk is for you if you’re interested in robotics of any kind, and especially for those who are currently working with drones, including developers, systems integrators, pilots and students who wish to take up research in this field in the near future.

With all the talk of integrating drones into civilian airspace, there is need for better safety and GPS-agnostic navigation methods – visual navigation and obstacle avoidance is paramount to integrating drones (micro-aerial-vehicles, MAVs) into our cities and elsewhere, because external navigation aids cannot be relied on in every situation, and neither can pilot experience. Kabir will outline the current situation in the industry, discuss the challenges of a real-world implementation of the proposition, and finally demonstrate how an open-source aerial robot (Artemis) was designed from ground up to meet this challenge.The implementation part of the talk will focus on visual navigation, mapping, obstacle avoidance and high-definition video streaming.

This presentation will aim to accelerate the introduction to the current state of the aerial vehicle market, and the several limitations that it faces due to limited technological breakthroughs in terms of consumer systems. Newcomers and existing developers / system integrators will get a chance to understand these limitations, and what embedded Linux systems can do for the field, including but not limited to visual (GPS-denied) navigation, mapping and obstacle avoidance. The talk also aims to encourage the current open-source development communities, and how they can contribute better to improving the current state-of-the-art, be it with cross-middleware interoperability, modular and reusable software design or inexpensive and extensible hardware design.